Roof Repair Services

The roof is certainly vital in keeping your house secure. At KNA Roofing, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional roof repair services that ensure the safety and integrity of your home.

Shingle Roofing Services

KNA Roofing offers top-notch shingle installation services in NY/NJ that protect your home and elevate its aesthetic appeal. We understand your home is a significant investment...

Waterproofing Coating

Here at KNA Roofing, we know we know that a properly maintained and waterproofed roof does more than keep the weather out; it protects your property and guarantees the building's structural integrity.

Gutter Installation Services

KNA Roofing is one of the top companies providing professional gutter services in NY/NJ. They're recognized for their high-quality installation and maintenance work that leaves everyone with their jaws dropped.

Roofing Services

KNA Roofing is a trusted provider of exceptional roofing services in NY/NJ. Our team of experts is dedicated to meeting the needs of the clients with a high level of expertise and experience.

Siding Installation Services

If you're looking for unmatched roofing, siding services in NY/NJ don't worry. Our team of experienced professionals offers a variety of impressive roofing services...

Skylight Installation Services

Our skylight installation services in NY/NJ provide a valuable solution for homeowners. These services enhance their living spaces with an abundant infusion of natural light. Our experienced professionals carry out these services.

Slope Roofing Replacement

KNA Roofing is well aware of the importance of the replacement of sloped or flat roofing systems. Our replacement of sloped or flat roofing system services in NY/NJ are crucial that ensuring the protection and longevity of a building.

Modified Bitumen Services

When it comes to longevity and durability in roofing, KNA Roofing stands unmatched in delivering top-notch modified bitumen services in NY/NJ. As industry experts with vast experience, we understand the diverse needs of different structures and environments.

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